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Decent protocols

Open and composable

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The hyperscalable EVM network on the world's only permanent storage chain.

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Serverless functions for web3 developers. Write lightning-fast backends with permanent storage. Interact with MEM contracts like an API.

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Namespace is a chain-agnostic stack to deploy custom name services. Building a web of interoperable identities.

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Ark Protocol

All-in-one web3 identity layer. dApps building on Ark can access verified identity attestations from users for use cases like social, DAOs, reputation and whitelisting.

Breaking down siloes between chains, dApps and protocols

We believe in radical composability for web3.

The future is multichain but a multitude of walled gardens is no improvement to the web2 models we're trying to escape.

The ultimate outcome for the new web is a pool of easily accessible, sampleable and remixable data that can power permanent applications without sacrificing UX.

At Decent Land Labs, we are building tools to unify and liberate your on-chain data

Meet the core team

Built by Miladys

Darwin Profile


Co-founder and CTO

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Benjamin Profile


Co-founder and CEO

Max Profile

Max Knivets

Lead Full Stack Developer

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Nil Profile

Nil Medvedev

Senior EVM Engineer

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Sebs Steele Profile

Sebs Steele

Full Stack Developer

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